We only choose the best ingredients to use within our cocktails. Each cocktail batch is crafted at the hands of an experienced bartender and is flavour tested to ensure the consistency and flavor meet our strict standards. 


How your cocktails are made, from start to finish.


Ingredient Prep

Our carefully selected ingredients are first painstakingly measured and prepared prior to mixing. Only the finest ingredients make it into your cocktail.



Shaken, stirred, or magic. Our team’s combined expertise and experience will ensure only the best method is used to combine your drink’s flavours. 



All the gunky and unnecessary stuff from the ingredients gets filtered out prior to bottling ensuring a smooth flavour profile for your cocktail.



The bottles are then capped and sealed with wax for an air tight closure.

The Vision

We aim to provide every household and office in Singapore with easy access to cocktails. A future where a cocktail in every home is an expectation, not a luxury. Quality cocktails should not be limited to those fancy nights out or special occasions, but rather be stored in the fridge like your favorite 6 pack of craft beer.

Cocktails Without the Fuss

Our drinks are bottled under the idea that “More is less.” We do all the work to ensure that you receive a headache free cocktail at home. All our drinks are formulated to require no additional ingredients, liquor or mixing. All that is required from you is to shake the bottle and pour over ice. For those who are looking for all in one solutions, we’re able to provide the complete set of cups and artisanal clear ice.