Spice Up Your Christmas Holiday This Year!

Christmas is fast approaching, and Mr. Clause is busy getting all his elves to pump out all the gifts and toys intended for your children and loved ones. Getting all those gifts out is tiring work, and the charitable work done by Mr. Clause and his elves should be rewarded. You may be asking, how do I reward an imaginary character? What is there that I can possibly give to a fictional character? Well, you start by helping yourself (since you’re the one spending the money). Running around and shopping for gifts for your relatives, friends, and extended family who go missing until gift giving and hong bao time is tiring work. Relax and enjoy by kicking back and pouring yourself a hand-crafted cocktail at home.

Gift Ideas

For Yourself

Start your Christmas and New Year off right by getting yourself a cocktail for every day of the month.

WARNING: A cocktail a day will not keep the doctor away.

Take Me!

For A Friend

Let your friend explore the many different cocktails of L.A.B.
Let them decide what’s good and what’s not, and then by what’s good for yourself. Sometimes you gotta be sneaky like that :P.

Take Me!

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